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What is


EMPOWER is a revolutionary new tool that allows us to remove negative self-talk that leaves us stuck and replace it with positive thoughts to improve our self-esteem, health & relationships through personally recorded affirmations.

Through our Revolutionary Technology

you will record your own personalized affirmations and layer them with iTunes, YouTube, Pandora or any app.  By simply recording positive mantras and affirmations and playing them back in subliminal mode you are intentionally controlling your own thoughts by keeping your mind laser focused on what matters to you the most!


When you hear affirmations in your own voice your brain is able to connect to a part of your subconscious mind called the Reticular Activating System. The Reticular Activating System is what takes orders from your voice and then processes that information with the world around you. When your Reticular Activating System hears your own voice repeatedly it creates

a new neural network, which is a new thought pattern. Once that thought pattern has been created in your mind, your subconscious goes to work creating a

reality out of that intention.

You can now program your brain for success while going about your daily life.  Amplify the power of positive affirmations by using Empower app on subliminal mode in conjunction with mediation or sleep.

With this revolutionary app there is no limit to what you can achieve


The ability to customize, store, and use personalized voice recording content is a cornerstone value proposition that allows this application to differentiate from existing applications and medical remedies throughout. This application serves as a destination for users to express, develop, and harness their thoughts and motivation to improve their mental health and find success.

The patent pending technology behind

Empower allows our App users to escape a negative feedback circle in the user’s mind, and replace negative thoughts with Empowering affirmations and mantras created by the user.

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The user can then play their affirmations and mantras back in subliminal mode while going about daily tasks and routines with other applications running to subconsciously provide the user with a more motivated mindset to achieve success and reach their goals.



Mantra Package




With the Empower Mantra Package you will have access to our library of over 500 pre-written mantras.  Our mantra library is organized into 5 main categories: Finance, Sleep, Body, Love & Spiritual.  With our extensive library of mantras, you can overcome virtually any challenge you may be facing in your life.  Use them as written, or use them as inspiration to create your own. 

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